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The open spine construction of IKIGI notebooks allows them to open completely flat. As well as encourages the use of almost any material on the covers of the binding, even “trash”.

Applying leftover materials adds to the uniqueness of the product already in limited quantities. Depending on the cover material even each copy could be one of a kind. 

During the last two years IKIGI bindery has completed three projects of breathing new life into stalled objects.

Before landing in the trash bin a second chance was given to TV show LASER scribbled brainstorming papers, Tallinn Creative Incubator unused folders forgotten into a storage room and Estonian Design Centre organized Estonian Design Awards 2020 exhibition posters.

Now they enjoy themselves on IKIGI notebook covers, enriching and inspiring the world of corporate gifts.

The use of notebooks and notebook itself is of course more of a tradition than an innovation. IKIGI team has strong belief in upholding that tradition while trying to find new ways and solutions. For example a research held in 2020 by Norwegian Science and Technology University proved that handwriting and drawing enhances, activates, and engages the brain in a beneficial way, more than typing does.

Business gift that has a story is distinct and speaks to the receiver. Notebook made from leftover materials keeps alive the practice of writing by hand, tells a story and represents resourceful thinking. And of course the inside of the notebook is fully recyclable.

It is the past and future that go hand in hand. From unwanted to wanted, from trash to trend.

Until now we have received just a few different materials from our customers, but we believe that this kind of approach has a lot of potential. To confirm that thought we also have our own notebook series which are covered with paper shopping bags and expired thermal sleeping bags from the life rafts. For some, these notebooks have become collectibles. 

The open spine binding allows us to bravely enter this challenging world of reusing materials and making corporate gifts meaningful.


100 different notebooks for Estonian Design Centre.

Instagram reels about how a Tallinn Creative Incubator’s folder became a notebook.

A short clip about the story and making of the LASER notebooks, recorded with a mobile camera from a TV screen.